l'art pour l'art
– art for art´s sake
golden section, geometry, colour, composition – traditional terms to describe harmony which visual artists deal with in their works – things i engage with but also question at the same time.
in this jewellery collection i put together relics from art production and transfer them from fine art into applied art. i use acrylic paint which was forgotten by the painter and spent a long time drying on paper plates. it developed into a three-dimensional object.
by cementation, filling, sawing and filing i bring the original contents of the paint tube into a solid form – ”drops” made from reconstructed stones ”fall off” the pieces. i contrast artificial materials with natural ones. an additional material, enamel, is applied to copper using a brush – like a painter putting colour on a canvas.
l'art pour l'art – making jewellery for it's own sake! / 2013